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VFW February Meeting 2018

Meeting opened by Richard Lee.

Tim Colten was sworn in as a new member.

Roll Call. Commander, Junior Vice, 3rd yr. Trustee not present for the meeting.

The minutes were read and accepted

The Quartermaster’s report was accepted

Service Officer’s report – There have been lots of referrals. Please call the office first instead of just walking in if at all possible. The office could use some more Kroger Cards.

Comrade’s in distress – Jimmy Lee and Raymond Vaughn. It was noted that we have been helping people behind the scenes.

Committee Report s

Bluegrass Festival – Faye says we are welcome at no charge. We are going to be selling hot dogs this year. Some members volunteered to go to the upcoming meeting.

Buddy Poppy – Saturday May 26. Seven Locations. In addition to our members we will be asking help from the ROTC students. It was noted that the Robertson County Veteran Program is also on May 26.

Veteran Court – had a graduation last Thursday. The 2nd veteran graduated. There are 2 more veterans left in the program at this time.

National Home – there will be a trip there in April. We would like a husband and wife to go. The Post would pay for it.

New Business - Ken wants to apply for a $5,000 grant from Home Depot to fix up the post. We lack 3 members being at 100%.

District Meeting Feb. 26 at ERHS.

We are selling tickets for a AR15 doe $15 each

Next month we will have VFW officer nominations.
VFW meeting Jan. 20, 2018

Meeting opened by the Richard Lee

Commander, senior vice, junior vice, adjutant, service officer were absent

Reading of the Minutes accepted

Quartermaster’s Report accepted

Richard reminded us about the Pow Wow coming up Feb. 7- 10

We have a district meeting Monday Jan. 29. Let Richard or Ken know it you need a ride.

No committee business to discuss at this time. Next thing will be the Bluegrass Festival

Comrade in distress – Ask to keep Jimmy Lee in mind

Ken Gamble spoke about the Agent Orange Project he is working on.

No Service Officer report.

Joey Beach won the 50/50 and donated it to the Agent Orange project.
VFW Meeting March 2018

Meeting opened by the Commander.

Quartermaster and Sargent at Arms were absent.

The reading of the minutes were accepted.

The Quartermaster report was accepted

We are sending Scott Molten and his wife along with Terry to visit the National Home.

Service Officer Report. - TN and Robertson county have low unemployment. We have lots of requests for assistants. We are working with a Veteran from Cedar Hill who has lost his leg. It is budget time and we are working on a new budget. We are down to 4 Kroger cards. Also need more bus passes. We have a Veteran who may need a ride to his cataract surgery in May. Asking if some Veterans would write a letter of support to the Service Office that they can take to the budget meeting.

The VFW voted to give $250 to the service office.

Veteran’s Court – this month they are getting a new veteran in the program. It was brought up that the Director has resigned.

District Meeting on March 26. Members are ask to bring a side.

Bluegrass Festival – we will be sitting up on April 27 at 3 pm. We will be taking the trailer down this year.

Motorcycle ride – hoping to have a new group of riders this year. It will be on Sept 27. Auction items needed.

Unfinished Business – Dues are still a concern. We are close to becoming All American. Joe and Richard are making calls to members who need to pay their dues.

New Business – Honor detail needs to hold a practice.

New annual Event – Faster Post Race, will be before Memorial Day. Winning post gets the trophy.

Ken is trying to get the Agent Orange Foundation on the news to help raise awareness.

We voted $800 for the purchase of T-shirts. Keeping both styles.

Buddy Poppy will be on May 26 at 7 locations. We have close to 10,000 poppies.

We voted to buy a table cover and a magnetic sign.

Jimmy Lee is at Waters, Raymond Vaughn is at home, Billy Mooreland is back in the Hospital.

Nominations – Commander, Scott Lyburger; Senior Vice, Buzzard; Junior Vice, Jessie; Quartermaster, Scott; chaplain, Joe; Judge Advocate, Ken; Surgeon Bill Gorell; 3rd year Trustee, Gary; Sargent at Arms, Jessie Wayne, Service Officer, Terry. All Officers were voted in by Accumulation.  

VFW meeting August 2018

Opened by the Commander

Prayer by our chaplain

Ken Gamble presented Agent Orange Metals

The trustee approved giving $500 to the Agent Orange cause.

The Commander recommended individual member giving to the Agent Orange cause.

No new members today

The minutes were read and accepted.

The Quartermasters report was given and accepted.

Service Officer – public hearings on the budget. Looks like we will get what we are asking for.

1st Wed. of each month Terry will be at the American Legion in White House. Hoping to be at Morningside on the 1st Wed also.

Bluewater Navy Act is stalled. We need to pressure our representative to act on this.

Comrades in distress- Keep Stan, Raymond, Jimmy, Wayne Bigbee, Bill Dinning and Melody in our prayers.

Committees -

Bike Run is Sept 22. Auction items are needed. They are going to ride to Harpth Hills to the moving wall.

Turkey Shoot – It was decided that we would have it. We need a Chairman.

Buddy Poppy – Nov. 10th.

Having a fund raiser for Agent Orange was brought up and will be discussed later.

New Business - the Moving Wall will be at Harpth Hills. Sept 20 they need volunteers to help erect the wall. Meet at the post at 7 AM to go and help.

Good of the Order – Thanks for the donation of underwear. Our post also brought $200 worth of underwear.

A donation to Joe’s grand – daughter will be discussed later.

Sept. 13 from 10 til 3 there will be BBQ and a car show at the Vet. Center off Donaldson Pike.

Meeting was closed with a prayer.
VFW Meeting October 2018
Meeting opened by Scott Lybarger
We had a guest speaker – Sherri Baggwell from Well Care to talk about medicare health plans.
Minutes read and accepted

Roll call – Junior Vice, Quartermaster, Chaplin, Service Officer and 3rd year Trustee were excused absences.
We did not have a service officer report this month.
Gary Lema said that he had talked to a producer at Channel 5 about having a show once a month on veterans.

Scott gave us a Quartermaster report. General fund is doing well. Bike run made between $3400 to $3500. Made approximately $2100 at the airport. Harvestmoon Festival made $451.

We swore in 2 new members and Teresa Smith ask for an application.

Unfinished business – Thank you to everyone who participated in the bike run, the airport activity, Harvestmoon and helping with the Moving Wall.

New Business – Someone will be filming at the post Tuesday afternoon for a movie about Agent Orange.
Buddy Poppy coming up. Everyone will be at the same place November 10th. Vet-fest is also on Nov. 10th. We need someone to go and sell hats and T-shirts. (Ken volunteered).
Monday November 12th there will be a memorial service at Memorial Gardens and a Veteran program at East Robertson Elementary.
Veteran’s Day Parade on November 4th in Hendersonville. We will participate.
We need someone to be in charge of the Christmas Parades. David Head volunteered. We will participate in he Cross Plains and the White House parades. Ken said he would be sure the trailer was decorated and Kirby said he would transport it to the parade sites. We still need to sign up for the White House parade.

Good of the Order – Veteran’s court – still looking for veterans who need a new roof.
Scott let us know that he will be gone for 6 weeks.
Ken reported on his trip to Washington.

VFW December Meeting 2018

Meeting opened by Commander Lybarger

We began with a prayer and the pledge

The Chaplin was absent due to illness

The minutes were read and accepted

Quartermasters report was read and accepted

Our members were thanked for helping with the Buddy Poppy drive.

Service Officer report – The office is being kept very busy. Christmas boxes will be delivered on Dec. 21st. Load up and delivery begins at 8 AM. There is about 50 boxes to deliver. We also have some gifts for kids to go.

The office is getting calls for firewood, rent etc. EMS has a van with a lift and ramp that we may be able to use. The county will keep it licensed and insured. We would need volunteer drivers. We are looking for grants to enlarge the office. We will need to restock the food pantry.

The Post voted for $345 to help a veteran in need.

Veteran’s Court is still going good. They are having a Christmas party December 20th.

No unfinished business.

New Business – We voted to spent up to $500 on gravel and fill dirt for the trailer parking area at Ken’s. It was decided to wait till spring to begin this project.

Good of the order – ROTC event tonight at Springfield High. DOD and Patriot's Pen is done. District meeting is at Hendersonville.

Jessie Wayne got his Agent Orange Metal.

Committees mentioned for next year were the Airport event, Bluegrass festival, Trash and Treasure, Barrel Festival and the Bike Run.

We voted for up to $500 to be spent on 100 embroidered hats for Presley (Joe’s granddaughter)

There was discussion of how to distribute ROTC award money. It was decided to keep it the same.